New Generators


New Generators

In this modern world, who could think of sitting in the dark and doing nothing? Nobody seems to have time to sit idle nor feel hopeless. This is the era of innovation and forward-thinking. Seems like the solution comes before even the problem occurs. But when it comes to blackouts, the problem appears to be sustained for many decades, especially in third world countries.

Looking to buy a solution as a perfect backup for your electricity issues? There are many products that could serve as an alternative, but Generators seem to be the most effective solution among all of them. It serves as a dependable source and immediate backup for power outages.
Generators are not only useful for homes or offices, but the more prominent industries and commercial projects also have a higher dependency on them.

Vorson Pvt Ltd – Generator Dealer in Karachi:

Vorson Pvt Ltd generator trading business is unlimited in any specific brand. Furthermore, by virtue of leading suppliers and Exclusive arrangements, we can offer multiple options to our clients of the Engine model where possible.

We aim to provide the best and competitive power solution at your doorstep. Therefore, Vorson Pvt Ltd intends to furnish our clients with a generator that fits their requirements, whether continuous, backup, industrial, commercial, residential, silent, or automatic. Moreover, suppose you require a soundless natural gas or diesel generator for your residence, or a trailer-mounted generator for your construction or remote site or a continuous power heavy duty generator for your industry. In that case, we can offer a range of generator sizes and makes to suit your requirement and application.

We are delivering the best possible advice and comparison with regards to selecting brands and technology for power generators as per the client’s requirement. We are well-known as one the trusted industrial generator suppliers in the market with extensive experience and unmatchable services.

Uncompromising service

Vorson Pvt Ltd is known for the uncompromising quality of products and services that it delivers. The company doesn’t take generators as a product but as a solution for many day-to-day electric issues that its customers face. Considering that generators are necessary for this era of technology where people need their home appliances, office accessories, and business to run without any hindrance, the company promises to stand with them and assist them in handling this common electric crisis.

Vorson Pvt Ltd deals in the following services:

Generators for Sale: The company sells generators at the best price with no compromise in quality. Having the reputation of being among the best new generators sellers in Karachi, our generators are sourced from the most reliable resources, which, with time, has helped Vorson Pvt Ltd building the reputation it has today. The team sells new generators to all sectors and individuals. The generator range, regardless of its high quality, is affordable and cost-effective. As one of the valuable resources among the new industrial generator suppliers in the region, we qualify the local and international standards.

Servicing or Maintenance: Vorson Pvt Ltd has a separate Quality Assurance and maintenance team. Even a new generator needs a periodic check to keep it running smoothly and for a longer duration. The maintenance programs conducted by Vorson Pvt Ltd for the latest generators increase the life of the product and helps it stay durable.

Generators for Rent: Vorson Pvt Ltd also provides generators for rent for occasions, events, or even for industrial purposes. The company understands that not every time one needs to buy a generator, even carrying a portable generator, is challenging for a non-specialist. Our experts handle this transition, setup, and operation of the generator with care that keeps our customers at ease and safe. So, if you are looking for an individual or industrial generator for rent in Karachi, contact us confidently, and we will never let you down.

Tailored solutions & quality products:

The team of experts at Vorson Pvt Ltd understands the individual need for generators. Be it sector-specific or an individual’s requirement, the company has tailored solutions for everyone. There are teams in the company divided into groups that are experts for each sector. For example, one team handles supply, maintenance, requirements, and queries for the residential and corporate sectors. However, a separate highly technical team is assigned to work on industrial and commercial levels as these sectors are more critical and sensitive to cater.

Dependable power sources for all sectors

If you are sourcing a backup that serves as the superpower to all your electricity fallouts, Vorson’s Pvt Ltd quality power generators are the best options in the market. Vorson sources only the best products and delivers it to your doorstep after a thorough Quality assurance process. The company deals in multiple sectors that include:

  • Residential
  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Vorson Pvt Ltd is your dependable partner in finding the best and suitable product depending on your requirements. The team assesses the needs in detail and recommends the most suitable generator for your use. From the most miniature generator to the large scale units, the company excels in providing all with superb quality.

Generator specialists

At Vorson Pvt Ltd, the staff and members of every department are well-trained and highly experienced. The entire company runs under the firm supervision of a highly qualified management team. The leaders keep all the members under the same track to move for one motto only; to deliver exquisite customer satisfaction.


After-sales service 24/7

Vorson Pvt Ltd does not leave its customers unattended even when the service is over. We take pride in being among those few vendors who deliver after-sales service to each of its customers. If you are an individual customer or a business client, care is equally crucial for all our consumers. We understand how critical this is to the industrial sector to have a vendor they can rely on, and we are sure to be the best choice to get yourself industrial generators in Pakistan.

Version is your partner as a trusted industrial generator supplier in Karachi. We may not be the only power generator dealer in Karachi, but we are confident to be among the most trusted ones in the market for every sector and industry.

If you want to buy or get a generator for rent in Karachi, contact us with no hesitation. We will answer all your queries before we make any deal. We also deal in used generators for sale in Karachi.

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Highly skilled technical team

We understand the concept of professionalism and dedication towards our clients. We are familiar with the scope and the demands of the customers in maintaining their brand identity and the aims they have in mind.

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