Food And Agriculture


Food And Agriculture

Vorson Pvt Ltd is the trusted producer and exporter of many types of salt products. The company is known for the manufacturing of unique sale products that are used for multiple purposes. Our company specializes in procuring best quality raw materials and producing the finest quality products. We ensure that the core benefits of our products remain intact and our consumer gets the best benefits of them. Our products are not only tasteful but also packed with highly nutritious components that keeps the consumers safe and healthy.

Our wide-ranging products include:
  • Salt
  • Salt made Lamps
  • Multi-shape Salt Lamps
  • Plates for cooking
  • Salt for bathing and spa products
  • Salt for animals
  • Candle Holders, Inhalers and Bricks made of salt
Fresh fruits & Vegetables

Vorson Pvt Ltd, a leading exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables in Pakistan, brings you the best quality products. From agriculture to packaging and logistics to retail, our team handles the entire process carefully and on time. We thoroughly understand that fresh products’ life span is quite less and needs to be available to the end consumer within a strict timeline. For the same reason, Version ensures timely delivery of fresh items with no additive preservative to keep the food healthy and fresh.

Our major export products are:
  • Orange
  • Mango
  • Potatoes
Chicken Poultry Feed

We at Vorson Pvt Ltd deal in Chicken Broiler feed and Chicken poultry feed for local markets. Our team carries the entire production, feed, slaughtering, and delivery of the product under intense care and monitoring to deliver the meat fresh. Our aim is to keep the nutritious value of the product intact making it healthy and tasteful for our consumers.

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